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The Best Online Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Music is such a universal language that at any given point in time anywhere in the world, there are numerous people of all ages and from all walks of life who are eager to learn and to be able to play their desired musical instruments.
The guitar is one such beloved instrument for many. Whatever genre of music you like best, a guitar will most likely be an ideal accompaniment for it. And its popularity across the globe means there are numerous options as to how one can learn to play this increasingly popular musical instrument, from private guitar sessions at home to group classes in music studios.
Another newer, more modern option for those who want to learn how to play the guitar is through online guitar lessons program.

Why Choose Online Guitar Lessons?

  • Convenience is one of the main reasons why learning to play the guitar online is preferable, considering you wouldn’t have to leave the house to go to lessons and will just have to turn your computer on instead. This also means you can start taking lessons almost immediately after signing up.
  • With online lessons, you can learn how to play guitar at your own pace, going through some portions of lessons more quickly than others that require more of your time and practice. You are able to dictate how fast or how slowly you want to progress through the lesson plan without feeling impatient or feeling left behind.
  •  You can dictate your own schedule, and decide when and how often you can take lessons.

If you’re already convinced that learning to play the guitar online is the best option for you, here is a quick overview of the top 3 best online guitar lessons site of 2017 – Jamplay, Guitar Tricks and Jamorama.

Top 3 Best online guitar lessons of 2017


Claiming to be the leading site for online guitar lessons, Jamplay provides free sessions but also a paid membership that allows you access to additional lessons and services.

What does Jamplay have to offer?

  • Introductory lessons for beginners
  • Intermediate to advanced tutorials
  • A wide variety of music genres
  • Lessons for specific songs
  • Skilled instructors

Jamplay provides incredibly easy lessons for beginners who have never held a guitar before, but also has intermediate to advanced tutorials for guitar players who already have the basic skills but want to progress their craft further.

You can learn how to play the guitar with songs from various genres, and the site has an extensive collection of guitar lessons for numerous popular songs. Additionally, a paid membership allows you to request a specific song that you want to learn to play if it currently doesn’t exist in their database.

Finally, Jamplay’s dozens of experienced and highly trained instructors will provide you with over two thousand guitar lessons that can be tailor fit for your needs, and will have you playing your favorite songs in no time.

Visit the official Jamplay website or continue to read my full review >>

Guitar Tricks

Perhaps the most seasoned online guitar lessons company among the three discussed here, Guitar Tricks has a whopping eight thousand lessons available, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, and extending beyond to expert level.

What does Guitar Tricks have to offer?

  • A free trial so you are able to get a feel of their lessons
  • An unrivaled collection of available guitar lessons across varied skill levels
  • Both instructional and practical approaches during lessons
  • A sizable database of guitar lessons for specific songs
  • Training in all forms of guitar. Electric, acoustic, country, shredding…They literally have it all

Guitar Tricks is ideal for those who plan to take their guitar lessons rather seriously. From starting with the entry level, beginner lessons, a student can gradually progress towards the more intermediate and advanced lessons. But it doesn’t stop there – one can harness his expertise at the guitar through the site’s expert level lessons.

The way they have structured their lessons is practical and effective. A lesson would typically begin with the student watching a tutorial or demonstration, after which he is provided with songs to practice the lesson on. Once he has completed the session, a student can have the option of taking a quiz regarding the lesson he had just learned.

Guitar Tricks has about 500 songs you can learn, but does not provide the option of requesting for lessons on songs that are not currently in their collection. This means you might have to explore outside of their site for a song you really like that they don’t have. It’s a small flaw that’s heavily outweighed by the quality of the lessons provided by Guitar Tricks, making it one of the best in the business.

Visit the official Guitar Tricks website or continue to read my full review >>


Perhaps the most unique among the three online guitar course in this review, Jamorama does not employ different instructors. Instead, the lessons are entirely taught with sleek and quality produced video tutorials.

What does Jamorama have to offer?

  • A relatively lower price compared to its competitors and a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Informative video tutorials made with amazing production quality and value
  • Interesting facts and tidbits about the guitar and its history
  • Various kits and short programs that contain games and useful software

For aspiring guitar players who just want a taste of what online guitar lessons are like, Jamorama would be suitable, particularly at its price point. The online guitar lessons it offers are chock-full of information and provide a step-by-step guide, though unfortunately, these lessons are limited in their practical approach. The lessons focus a lot on the lecture portion, but not enough on the practicing and the application. This means there would still be a lot of self-study involved if a student is really serious about working on his guitar playing skills.

Visit the official Jamorama website or continue to read my full review >>

Whichever online guitar lessons you choose, the best way to get the most out of any service or subscription you avail of is if you have the right attitude towards your lessons. Have an open mind, be patient, practice often, and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! If you find yourselves eventually getting bored or disinterested in the guitar lessons you are taking, perhaps it’s time to find a different approach to learning. And in a lot of ways, it really boils down to your enthusiasm and attitude. Good luck!