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Guitar Tricks Review

With so many sites offering guitar lessons online, it is hard to decide which is worth your money. Guitar Tricks is one of the most recommended sites where you can learn how to be a professional guitarist. For beginners, the site promises to deliver lessons that are worth your time and every penny you spend on them. You will receive lessons backed up by the quality videos and additional learning tools such as jam track selection, scale finders, and chords. However, before you decide whether to join Guitar Tricks or not, go through this Guitar Tricks review and see what it is all about including its pros and cons.

What is Guitar Tricks?

Guitar Tricks is one of the oldest guitar internet based lessons having gone up in 1998. The site is dedicated to providing you with all information you need to know about learning the guitar. It has over 8000 guitar lessons from over 45 instructors, and over 100 professional artists, all of whom will offer you guidance and mentorship.

The site’s lessons are suitable for both beginners and those who have advanced in playing the instrument. While the lessons are streamed online, you also have the option to download backing tracks for practice. Once you join the site, you get a 14-day free trial after which you pay $14.95 monthly to get full access to the services offered.

Important Features of the Site

• Full access requires a payment of $14.95 monthly, but you start with two weeks free trial

• You get 24/7 access to the lessons which enables to study at your convenience

• It has a chord and scale library to help you with your lessons

• It is suitable for both amateurs and experts

• You get access to over 8000 guitar lessons offered by over 45 experienced trainers

• You have 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the lessons

• By joining Guitar Tricks, you become a member of a large community


Guitar Tricks has an overall rating of 4.5/5 making it one of the best and most preferred guitar lessons facility in the world. Considering its features and services, the sites’ only competitor is JamPlay, which competes with it when it comes to advanced tools, lessons, and video quality but still, Guitar Tricks manages to offer the best price for quality lessons.

Lesson Structures

The lessons are offered in easy step-by-step video lessons that you can access through high-quality videos (there is an option for phone videos in case your connection cannot load high-resolution videos). Once you join the lessons, you first get the introduction, which has a well-laid table of contents and a long list of a playlist.

The introduction covers the “Core Learning System” whereby you learn the guitar fundamental and then introduced to rock, blues, and country. After you are done with the core program, you can branch to other genres such as the classics whereby you can use the dedicated video lessons to learn. You also have access to more specific lessons relating to certain techniques and studies of iconic artists’ styles.

Customer Support

In addition to the community section where you interact with other users, Guitar Tricks also has a support section where all technical support is offered. The sectional has a video manual but if the video does not answer your query, then you can post your question, and it will be answered by the customer support within a day.


Additional Tools

In addition to the support and video lessons, you are also offered bonus tools to make your learning experience more comfortable and fruitful. These tools include the following items.

• Reference tuner

• Jam station software

• Chord and scale finders which assist you in plotting notes on the representation guitar neck

• Metronome

Benefits of Using Guitar Tricks

• Once you join, you get detailed lesson and genres, which sharpen your skills from beginner to experienced, and from experienced to professional. As a member, you are given the opportunity to play beyond your potential and eventually take the mystery out of the guitar music.

• It offers the option of downloading the lessons to practice later. This comes in handy if you have fluctuating internet or do not have full-time internet access.

• You have the choice of jumping from one instructor to the other depending on your mood or on what you want to study at each particular time. The best deal, however, is the fact that most of the lessons are anticipated to answer user questions, struggles, and challenges faced when playing the instrument. With so many years in the industry, the site has managed to gather common user questions and provide solutions.

• Their videos are of high quality considering the multiple camera angles. Additionally, with the full access membership, you get access to an ad-free page, better song assortment, and better support.

• It offers a well-structured introduction to fundamentals as well as plenty of choices for intermediate players.

• Learning becomes easy with massive support from the online community that you become part of as soon as you subscribe to the lessons. They have a user forum where you can post your questions and get answers from other students as well as share useful hints with other members.

• If you compare to its rival JamPlay, Guitar Play is cheaper and still manages to offer quality lessons.

• They have a jam area where you have the opportunity to play a variety of music.


• Compared to JamPlay, Guitar Tricks lacks more potential for advanced players

• The user interface is not as friendly at first, and you need to take your time to familiarize with it

• Even with so many instructors, you might not enjoy training with some instructors and especially not all of them offer same standard lessons

Wrap Up

Guitar Tricks offers you everything you need to know about learning the guitar and there is no other better option and especially for beginners and intermediate players. It is hard to choose between it and JamPlay but you can start with the Guitar Tricks and shift once your skills have advanced. Many lessons come and go but the Guitar Tricks have been able to stand strong for years, which is another reason why you should trust it.