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Jamorama Review

Want to know more about Jamorama review? Here is everything you need to know. There are some greatly improved changes on Jamorama’ site as of 2014. And from then onwards, things have been getting better and better. More videos have been added, a new face introduced (Mark McKenzie) and the website has completely been revamped. Currently, the site is response meaning that the courses can be easily accessed from a wide range of devices including smartphones and tablets.

What sets it apart from the rest?

Apart from having a clean crisp site, it employs a straightforward approach in its lessons, website navigation, and pages. Thus, you can’t miss anything on the site; everything is well laid out and simple. The integration of social network has done a great job in pushing learning to the next level. Through it, you can collaborate with other amateurs and professionals, make friends and enjoy learning guitar together. As opposed to many online tutorials, you won’t feel alone with this while learning since you can reach out to others with the same interest as you. Better still, you can join a group or forum that you think will help you. On top of all that, their customer service is top-notch and available to all the members.

Main courses offered

The following are the top courses offered at Jamorama:

1. Stage 1 course: Beginner Guitar Method

This is a detailed step by step tutorial designed to enhance your guitar skills with each passing week. Mark gives you all the tricks and tips he has come up with over the years to make sure you learn as quickly as possible while still having fun.

2. Stage 2 course: Beginner Guitar Method

The aim of this course is to build on the stage 1 course and it does just that. Mark ensures that you get extra challenging techniques and skills. He discusses everything in a simple directly-to-the-point way coupled with some fun moments.

3. Beginner Guitar Chords

This course helps regardless of whether you are an amateur or somebody with an intermediate knowledge of chords. The tutorial handles everything about the most important minor, major and 7th chords that every guitarist should have.

4. Blues Guitar Breakthrough

At stage 2, you cover a few things about Blues training. But this course just pushes your knowledge limits on blues further. Primarily, in this tutorial, you learn how to add flavor and variation to the 12-Bar Blues with different chord variations, intros, and rhythm and tempo changes. In addition, you dive into some electrifying new riffs and strums that take your blues skills to the next level.

5. Fingerstyle Guitar

Who doesn’t want to play guitar like a legendary fingerstyle? Mark shares with you some of best finger-style secrets that guitar greats like James Tylor, Mark Knopfler, and Chet Atkins used. Finger-style is an indispensable part that every guitarist should have.

6. Acoustic Guitar Maintenance

In this course, you learn all the details about setting up and maintaining your personal guitar including tuning, cleaning, and re-stringing. If you want to produce great sounds, then this is definitely what you should be learning!

7. Lead Guitar for Beginners

Do you have some guitar basics and you are looking for a more advanced tutorial? “Yes”, look no further because this course is what you are missing. It is also suitable for students who have finished the above courses on Jamorama. Here you learn key lead guitar concepts such as playing in a key, creating and playing riffs and using scales shapes.

8. The One-Hour Workout

What a better way to be a personal trainer that this! The course is designed in a way that you can implement it on your routine guitar playing. In short, it will help you work on your left and right hand to build incredible strength, dexterity, and speed.

9. The Speed Picking

You definitely need to improve your guitar playing speed if you want to be a professional guitar player. To become one, you just need to watch Mark closely when demonstrating the techniques and skills that can make you play guitar solos with accuracy and at blistering speed.

10. Guitar Theory Made Even Easier

It is a powerful yet a very simple tutorial. Here, Mark shares the unique practical approach he uses in guitar theory. At the end of the tutorial, you will have mastered the practical areas associated with rhythm theory, scale theory, and chord theory. The bottom line of learning this is developing the ability to communicate with other musicians, write your own music and learn songs faster.

Membership levels and costs

At Jamorama, the entry fees for becoming a member are very low compared to what competitors charge. There are mainly two membership levels including:

1. Basic Access

Here the membership is free for life. By being a free member you get access to all the site features and three courses including Beginner Guitar Method – Stage 1 Course, Beginner Guitar Chords Course and Acoustic Guitar Maintenance Course.

2. Full Access

Here you are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $99.95 to have access to everything offered at Jamorama. Apart from having all the functionality included in the basic access package, you get all the other courses available and additional Pro features. Those Pro features include access to Course Jam Tracks and to supplementary learning printouts/materials.


  • Has a good lesson assortment that covers skills from basics to intermediate levels
  • Has high definition videos that are clear to watch
  • Has downloadable content that can be used for off-line learning
  • Has cutting-edge lessons that use Fine Motor Programming technique to improve skills retention
  • Can be accessed from a wide range of devices at any time of the day through the week
  • Free course materials keep on being added


  • Has no enough songs to accompany all the lessons
  • Lessons are not advanced enough for professional guitars


Finally, from the above Jamorama review, you can instantly spot that Jamorama is a must-have online guitar resource. The materials available at their site are useful to all guitarists at various levels. But if you are a beginner, you will benefit more from a rewarding guitar experience. The guitar package comes with a 120 days money back guarantee. Thus, what do you have to lose by buying it?