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Jamplay Review

Jamplay is an online guitar tuition website that teaches people on how to play different types of guitars properly. This particular site teaches both beginners and people who are experienced in plying guitar. This is helpful especially because most people do not have time to train how to play guitar in the conventional ways. Learning through the internet gives people the freedom to learn whenever they have time instead of following fixed lessons. Through Jamplay people are also able to learn the specific guitar lessons they want instead of learning even the lessons they are not interested in. because of these reasons, Jamplay has become increasingly popular with the number of users increasing daily.

Popularity and compatibility

Since Jamplay was began it has been used by more than 330, 000 guitarists. This is facilitated by the fact that it has more then 4, 600 lessons which are taught by more than 75 instructors. This gives you the opportunity to choose the particular lesson you want depending on your preference. You can conveniently use this website on various gadgets including PCs Mac, ipads, iPoods, blackberry phones and most of the android phones. This gives you more freedom to use the site on whichever device you have without having to buy new devices.

The options

Jamplay also teaches users of the websites using different types of music. Some of the music styles which are available on the site include; pop, rock, gypsy jazz, blues and folk amongst others. As a result you will have the freedom to choose the kind of music you like and proceed to learn it effectively. To ensure the users get to learn how to play guitar in a convenient manner the site provides different options. These include choosing the exact instructor one wants and deciding when to learn. This is made possible by the various specifications of the site.

The phases

Jamplay is subdivided into general four phases or sections with each phase covering different things. Phase one is meant for beginners who would like to learn the basics when it comes to playing guitar. The second phase mainly focuses on specific playing styles, genre or skills. This particular phase is meant for people who know how to play guitar but would like to learn more specific things. The third phase mainly consists of songs where you can learn to play certain specific songs. On the fourth phase you will be taught how to write songs effectively. All the four phases compliment each other where by the time you finish the fourth phase you will have become a skilled guitar player and song writer.

Quality of the videos

The lessons provided on Jamplay come inform of high quality videos. These videos are recorded using high quality cameras which have the ability to capture all the details. The importance of having high quality videos is that listening to the instructors is equally importance to watching what the instructors are doing. Through observation one is able to learn how to hold the guitar using different hands and which strings to touch so as to produce different types of sounds. In fact, while learning to play guitar observing is more important than listening. This is because one must know where to touch so as to produce a certain sound. Because of this the site has thousand of high quality videos.


Jamplay also provide interactive forums where users of the site can communicate with each other. This is helpful because through these interactions people are able to guide and encourage each other. There is also an option to chat live with the instructors. This particular option helps the users of the site be able to ask questions directly to the instructors. Furthermore, there is an option known as ‘help with lessons’ which is essential in helping the users understand all about using this specific website.

Joining Jamplay

To join Jamplay one just needs to open an account where one pays $19.95 per month to be able to access all the content available in this website. The account is easy to open where one just needs to provide the basic personal information. After opening an account one will just need to log in when in need to use this website. The monthly charges are the gateway to accessing all the videos and instructors available in this website. As a member you will be required to pay the monthly fee but you can decide to stop the membership and from then you will not be charged anything. Users of this site can even get discounts in different ways including coupon codes.


  • An assortment of guitar playing techniques which allow the users to choose exactly what they want
  • Compatible with many modern devices consequently making it to use
  • Reasonable fees which is fair considering the high quality lessons provided
  • Highly skilled tutors who know how to train people who are in different levels
  • Ease in joining where one just needs to open an account
  • Simple training techniques especially the videos which allow people to learn faster
  • Convenience since users can learn how to play guitar at any time and at any place
  • A support team that is always ready to answer any question


  • The monthly charges are quite high for some people
  • It takes time to learn a single skill
  • There are many videos and even though they are well organized a beginner can easily get confused

Final verdict

Through this Jamplay review it is evident that this particular website is superior when it comes to providing helpful guitar lessons. The fact that this website has been able to teach many people to play guitar makes it superior. Having so many new members also proves that people really trust this site when it comes to learning how to ply guitar. The highly skilled tutors also make this site be trusted by many people because the people know that they are learning from the best. This website being compatible with mobile devices makes learning to play guitar more enjoyable. This is because people can choose to learn even when outdoors for they just need to carry their mobile devices. Furthermore, having forums where people can interact makes this guitar playing site ideal even for people who have never played guitar before. Even though there are a few issues with the site, these issues cannot be compared with the many positive attributes associated with the site. Therefore, Jamplay is an ideal website for people who would like to learn how to play guitar in a convenient manner.